SAAS Sourcing for Enterprise - Guaranteed to reduce your SaaS spend

Your guide to best fit SAAS tools.

We recommend the best fit SaaS, negotiate existing subscriptions and tailor training & support.


We work with your teams that need a product

Ensure quick implementation and user buy in by

  • Understanding How well it will integrates with existing system
  • How much workflow fit is it
  • What type of support will be available.
  • What type of training material is available.

Actual Cost of a SaaS product in Enterprise

Time & Effort Cost

The time and effort spent in reviewing the competing products.

Our role -

  • We do all the research and give you our recommendations along with top 3

Licence Fee Cost

This part is easiest to manage. It's a direct cost

Our role -

  • We negotiate the best cost for you.

Training Cost

This is normally a big chunk of initial cost and depends on -

  • How are you going to train your users? What's the learning curve.
  • How different of similar the UI patterns are to existing systems?
  • What material is the SAAS provider giving.

Our role -

  • Help in creating the training material needed.
  • In context & Hand hold help systems

Support Cost

This is a big chunk of ongoing cost and depends on -

  • How soon will the SaaS operator respond when things to bad.
  • How soon do the bugs get cleared.
  • What's in their pipe line.

Our role -

  • We kick the tires to see their actual performance, talk to existing users.
  • We especially talk to the top management or Founder / CEO just to see culture fit

Integration Cost

  • How is the data / events going to be shared with existing systems.
  • Webhooks or api access.

Our role -

  • Estimating What's the work involved.
  • Find resources to do the required work

“The concept of SaaS Sourcing is amazing. It saved us huge time & effort. The focus on training & support for ongoing hidden costs shows they understand the issues.”

Mark Bowman, Vice President

We answer the following

How well does it integrate with existing software?

How close is it to the current workflow and practices?

What will take to get it up & running in my Enterprise?

Get huge Savings in Time, Effort & Experience